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12-door Men-Eco multi-deck for Four Square Dargaville

New for Four Square Dargaville is this addition of a 12-door multi-deck from Haier Carrier.

Applying doors to a (usually) open-fronted case like this is becoming increasingly commonplace as operators and business owners seek energy efficiency & increased sustainability.

With additional shelving, operator Amit Lal can increase his stock display which has led to an increase in sales in this category. The doors are easy to open with the large, easy-grip handles that customers can see easily.  The line-up features LEDs to all the tiltable & adjustable shelves including LEDs to the canopy.

The biggest advantage is the temperature optimisation, making this display suitable for storage of various daily goods and pre-packed meat.   These cabinets can be applied to stores with various layouts and are best suited to supermarkets and small-format stores, or in areas that draft creates operational issues with open type multi-tier cabinets

The Men-Eco Multi-deck from Haier Carrier is available in various sizes, offering a larger display area, a modern appearance, and a larger storage capacity.

Product Features:

  • Full array of products(Depth 750/850/1050mm), applicable to stores with various layouts
  • Modern appearance, invisible door frame design, highlighting goods display
  • Temperature optimization, suitable for storage of various daily goods and meat
  • Prepositive air curtain, for wider racks / bigger inventory, and with a cabinet of 750mm deep, optimizing the footprint
  • Low front design(370mm), for bigger display area
  • Higher evaporating temperature, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly,
  • Squeezing Multi-layer Air Curtain design, with better thermal insulation effect
  • Higher evaporating temperature(≥ -4℃ ), more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly.
  • Greater electrical savings by requiring a much small refrigeration unit than an open style cabinet

If you’d like to see energy and cost savings in your store, speak to one of our friendly team to discuss your options.