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Additional Height Beer and Wine Cabinets

Haier Carrier “L” model.

PNS Hastings needed a solution. They needed more shelf space to showcase their craft beers and wines that were coming onto the market and wanted to separate the niche products from their bulk carton beer. They spoke to Dave, our Technical Sales Manager at Inter-Fridge and chose the Haier Carrier “L” model multi-tier.  The Haier Carrier “L” model provides an additional 200mm in height than a standard multi-tier cabinet providing an ideal solution for the sale and display of wine and beer bottles and are designed to take the extra weight of the product. This model of multi-tier essentially provides more display space, providing around 25% more display area.

Haier Carrier Multi-tier cabinets are the perfect solution for supermarkets that are wanting to display their beer, wine, and liquor. These cabinets can handle more weight without fail providing a functional and safe display area, perfect for merchandising niche products.  

For more information on Haier Carrier cabinets speak to Dave at Inter-Fridge.