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Corporate Responsibility

  • Inter-fridge has been active and supportive in reducing the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration in recent years.

As a supplier and distributor we have focused on importing only display and storage refrigeration cabinetry that features:

  • HCFC-, HFC- & CFC- free, high density polyurethane foam insulation
  • Advanced Electronic Controls
  • Improved coils (rifle-bore & coated)
  • Optimised Air Distribution
  • High Performance Fans
  • LED lighting
  • Improved Glass treatment (Tempered, Double LowE, Argon-filled)
  • R290 refrigeration as much as suitably possible for the best outcome for our

As well as complying with legal requirements and other applicable requirements, our sustainability initiatives include:
  • Supporting fuel efficiency programs in our vehicle fleet
  • Partnering with suppliers who are committed to environmental targets, aligned to our goals and values
  • Recycling of plastics and polystyrene
  • Make all reasonable effort to contain the generation of waste, with particular reference to hazardous waste, starting at the source and promoting, where possible, the re-use, recycling and recovery of raw materials;
  • Comply, whenever this is possible, with environmental criteria when choosing packaging and consumables.


We’re always looking ahead for new processes, technologies, activities, and services that can help improve our business, our role in protecting the environment, and the way we work with our customers.