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Everything you need to know when buying a commercial fridge

Buying a commercial fridge

A commercial refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment that supermarket and food business establishments should have. After all, it can be challenging to keep food products fresh if you don’t have the right storage equipment. Hence, it’s best to invest in an excellent brand and type that’s suitable for your business.

Purchasing a commercial unit is quite different from purchasing a light commercial model for your smaller business. You need to consider factors like its price, capacity, energy consumption and type of refrigerant it operates on before making a final decision.

So, if you’re looking for a suitable fridge for your store or restaurant, it’d help for you to know the following information first:

Product Quality

Commercial refrigerators come in different sizes and with a wide range of features. Several important considerations is the type of material the units are manufactured from. For example, many units that are chilling seafood or are in contact with the likes of seafood need to be manufactured from stainless steel, whereas powder coated steel is fine for dairy-deli, meat and produce products.

It’s vital to invest in good quality equipment to ensure you won’t incur additional expenses for regular maintenance work and repairs. You can read some reviews of the products you’re eyeing to compare which one stands out and to find out if others have had any issues with the equipment you’re looking at.

Price Points

The prices of some commercial fridges are slightly different due to where they are manufactured.  The products or purpose they are manufactured for also determines the refrigeration cooling capacity of the equipment, and all of this has a major bearing on the pricing

It’s therefore vital to establish how much you’re willing to spend for a commercial refrigerator and the type you need for your business. The price of a commercial unit can range from NZD$5000 to NZD$15,000 upwards. The cost is usually determined by the size, type of unit and capacity, and brand of the equipment as well as the materials used in its production.

How To Choose The Right Brand

There are numerous brands you can select from when searching for a commercial fridge. If you don’t know much about trusted refrigeration companies, it may be difficult to pick the right one.

In choosing which brand you should purchase, check whether a particular company is well-known for producing excellent-quality commercial fridges or not. What’s more, the warranty that manufacturers offer may vary. That’s why it’s advisable to look for a brand that has more extensive warranty coverage and a wider selection of commercial units compared with the rest.

Inter-Fridge have trusted and established relationships with many suppliers, including Tefcold, De Rigo, Haier Carrier, Kinco, Fri-Jado and more. Some brands are more suitable for food retail businesses, while others are great for supermarkets.

Types Of Commercial Fridges

Just like standard refrigerators, commercial models come in various types and designs. Before you buy one, determine the type you require. For instance, if you need to install a fridge in the bar for easy access to cold drinks, you may benefit from having a back bar unit. On the other hand, you can opt for a kitchen storage fridge or a commercial double fridge if you need a larger storage space for more food items.

Other Considerations

Because a commercial fridge has a higher storage capacity than a residential model, it requires more power to run. Prior to making a purchase, find out the electricity consumption of your preferred model consumes.

In addition, if you’re purchasing an integral cabinet you need to ascertain whether the power plug is compatible with the electrical sockets in your establishment. It’d be challenging to change your outlets when all your new appliances had been delivered to you.

The type of refrigerant that the cabinets operate on is crucial as many of the cheaper brands are only offering cabinets that operate on refrigerants that are being phased out due to the depletion of the ozone layer. We can advise you on the various refrigerants available and those suitable for your requirements.

Lighting is another critical area of consideration. The majority of cabinets are now fitted with LED lighting. So, the question you have to ask is whether the lighting colour provided with the cabinet is suitable for the product that is going to be displayed. Incorrect lighting colours can have a major effect on the display of the product and the shelf life.


Some new models come with a warranty provided by the company you purchase them from. The duration of the coverage varies per provider, so it’s best to check how many years your warranty will cover and what is covered in the warranty, is it parts only or parts and labour?

It is best to have a maintenance scheme for the fridge from the time it is operational as many warranties are based on the cabinet being maintained from the time of installation. Check with the company that you have purchased it off to ensure you understand the terms of the warranty

Final Thoughts

It’s a must to examine certain aspects such as the quality, price, capacity and function of a commercial fridge before purchasing one. Doing so would allow you to acquire a model that works best for the type of business you’re running. Our team will ask you questions relating to the purpose of your purchase enquiry so that we can recommend the product best suited to your needs.

Chilled cabinet for salad bar or deli.