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A stylish and efficient solution to the liquor area in New World Greenmeadows

The Alcohol Act 2012 introduced a significant change to advertising and promoting alcohol. Doing anything likely to encourage excessive consumption of alcohol is an offense under existing Act.

The act impacted the liquor promotional strategies because offering a free alcohol, except complimentary tasting on off-licenses, and offering discounts on alcohol of 25% or more below the price that alcohol is “ordinarily sold” is an offense. This change influenced the free positioning of the impulse sale stalls across the supermarkets as offering prizes or other goods or services on condition of alcohol purchase except in loyalty programmes that are not primarily for alcohol, as well as promoting alcohol in any way likely to appeal to minors is also an offense.

Lastly, Grocery stores and Supermarkets can only display and promote alcohol in one designated area.

These changes made an impact on the store layout design, and cabinet, both ambient and refrigeration, and suppliers noticed an opportunity to expand on the range they supply in NZ.

The Inter-Fridge team also recognized the same opportunity to expand the existing supermarket range in 2016 and partnered with Haier Carrier, a global brand established in 2001 by Haier Group and Carrier with a world-class manufacturing facility in Qingdao.

Inter-Fridge offers the clients a standard Haier Carrier range, but also custom solutions. The geographical position enables relatively quick delivery as the models are shipped directly from Quingdao province, which appeases the NZ supermarket owners.

The New World Greenmeadows team embraced Inter-Fridge solution offering a Haier Carrier option of a model “E6 Semi Vertical Multideck”. Inter-Fridge offered a supply of three E6 cabinets positioned back to back to form a lower island within the liquor area. The island created a dynamic for the designated area fitting nicely due to its lower profile among the already inbuilt wall cabinets and traditional square shelving. The line-up consists of the following 1 x 2100mm crown end + 2 x 2100mm straight sections, with a total footprint 2100mm x 3155mm.

To comply with the store hue theme the Barker Red exterior with the crisp white interior was chosen, with two levels 400mm deep shelving, which allows for multiple bottle row display. The color choice makes area inviting while adhering to the liquor promotion guidelines of the Alcohol Act 2012.

All three cabinets share same features which ensure power saving and low maintenance, such as LED Lights to all shelves and canopy, incorporated night blinds and EC fans with the digital electronic controller, blue color glass ends on crown end section, and orange color mirror ends on cabinets adjacent to crown end. The chilled, illuminated cabinet composition is fitting the purpose and creates a central visual effect drawing attention to the area in a subtle way.