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Haier Carrier Mendos revamp Te Anau Four Square

The Bruce family local Four Square Supermarket has won big at last year’s 39th Annual Fiordland Tourism Awards. Callum and Marissa Bruce, from the Te Anau Four Square Supermarket, were awarded the Bradley Cup of Excellence in Retail for their contribution to tourism in the Fiordland region. The annual Fiordland Tourism Awards celebrate and acknowledge excellence from within the Tourism and Retail industry.

So, how did a small local supermarket win big?

It was mainly due to their effort and care for staff and customers. The evidence of those efforts and attention are visible from a visit to their website, where customers are genuinely greeted by the owner/operator couple:

“Welcome to our Four Square store! We’re proud to be part of the long-standing iconic Kiwi brand that has been local to New Zealand communities since 1924. So, whether you’re keeping it local, or on tour, we’re here to make it easy for you. Become a local, and shop where all Kiwis love to shop. Always welcome. Always local. Always Four Square”.

In our Kiwi culture, in our communities we always acknowledge all the hard work individuals and teams invest into achieving above the average. Cullum, being ex-rugby player understands the importance of the hard work, team and investing efforts more than an average person and he certainly applies his sports experiences to the Four Square business.

In 2017 the couple continued their last year success celebration by investing in new refrigeration equipment.

The update is noticeable throughout the store; the couple chose a fresh produce, meat, dairy, liquor new cabinet from Inter-Fridge Hair Carrier range. The star model is Mendos multi-tier cabinet which has a special design for supermarket foods display, with high-efficiency evaporator coil design, improved energy performance, with the temperature range: +1/+7·c adjustable to suit all supermarket food categories, standard and energy saving options available.

The customer’s feedback has been outstanding and store revamp has had an impact on impulse buys, making everyone happy. Here, at Inter-Fridge we couldn’t wish for a better project to finish 2017 with high spirit.