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Helpful Energy Saving Hints

Looking for ways to make your equipment run efficiently?

Your operating costs can be reduced by regular maintenance and care for your equipment. Read on for more tips on how to get the most out of your equipment:

  • Cool room/Freezer room door strip curtains: these create a significant reduction of electricity costs by stopping the waste of expensive cold air.
  • Plug-in time clocks on non-dairy/deli glass door chillers: How many drink chillers do you have, how much heat do they produce, how much electrical energy does the refrigeration and cabinet lighting use? Save energy by plugging in a time clock, turning the cabinet off after shop hours and watch the savings.
  • Do you have damaged cabinet or chiller room door gaskets? Non-serviceable door gaskets allow chilled air to escape, warm air to enter the chilled space causing extended operating times and increase inefficiencies through iced up coils.
  • Does your shop use a meat or produce prep air conditioning system, if so can you turn it off at night?
  • Shop air conditioning generally has a night operating set back temperature option, are you using it to save energy?
  • Fit Night blinds to horizontal freezers and open front multi-tier chillers. The installation of night blinds will save enough energy to recover your investment cost within nine months not to mention the reduction in product wastage.
  • EC fan motors: these new energy-efficient motors operate on 60% less power than conventional motors.
  • LED lighting consumes less energy, produces less heat, and reduces power bills.
  • Is your maintenance up to date? Dirty condensers cause:
    • Increased Energy Use
    • Unnecessary Service Calls
    • Premature Compressor Failure


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