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Inter-Fridge Metro freezer range in Gilmours Hamilton

Gilmours Hamilton is a locally owned and operated business, with owners who are passionate about ensuring their client’s business success, like every other Gimours store. They serve thousands of companies across the North Island for the food and beverages they need to grow their business.

When in Hamilton and dealing with Mr. Dayne Riddell and his team, one can be assured that they are prepared to go the extra mile to serve their customers better. An example of that effort is seen in the decision to maintain the quality of the goods by investing into exquisite commercial equipment to display and store the product at the optimum conditions. Dayne has recently purchased the Hamilton Gilmours and being an experienced supermarket owner; he knew the significant cost old refrigeration has for the business. Therefore, the decision was made to purchase a new freezer equipment.

With that in mind, Inter-Fridge was a natural first option supplier due to Inter-Fridge commitment to supply a product range which suits various budgets, while keeping in mind efficiency and style of the product offered.

At first, Dayne purchased only one Metro freezer, and after being convinced by its performance and witnessing an effect of the illuminated interior on the clients, Gilmours Hamilton team ordered twelve more.

The Metro freezer line-up complimented the standing glass door freezers which were already installed by previous owners. At the same time, provides high energy-saving in comparison to conventional open units, while being 100%CFC- and PFC-free with brilliant LED lighting system enhancing product display, which subsequently drives sales and reduces maintenance. The plug-in model requires no extra installation attributed to operating costs. The Metro has a maintenance-free refrigeration system, semi-auto defrost option and freezing at a temperature range from –18 °C to –23 °C.

To conclude the full island line-up, Gilmours Hamilton team ordered three additional single units, and will soon store and display frozen goods in 16 single units section line-up, which will make it an extra bright shopping experience for their clients.