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Our Work

Inter-Fridge Recent Projects

Inter-Fridge provide solutions to a range of businesses around the country. Some of our recent projects are shown here. 

Sandbar Logo

An all in one, space saving cabinet. Designed for the store that needs to maximise floor space.

A Bespoke cabinet solution from Inter-Fridge, this is a combination case featuring a temperature controlled ambient case, refrigerated case, and a heated cabinet in the same line-up.  For more information on a solution unique for your store, contact one of our team today.

glass cabinet on counter for cafe
drawing of cafe food cabinet
Hello Sushi logo
empty sushi cabinet display
Hello Sushi 2
inside view of empty sushi display cabinet
Berry Lands logo
beer and wine stacked on shelves on black multideck
produce on black open multideck in grocery store
Berry Lands 3
homegrown logo
meat display case in butchery
Atria Cafe
Atria Cafe1
Atria Cafe2
Butlers Chocolate display
curved chocolate cafe display case
chocolate cafe glass cabinet display
New World Logo

A modern solution to utilise floor space.

New World Whanganui latest addition is this stand alone, island chiller, perfect for the sale and display of their fresh cheese range.  An ideal refrigeration

solution for those stores wanting a separate set up to their central store refrigeration system.  No need to connect to your store’s main refrigeration system, this island chiller is available as remote or plug-in (integral).  The free-standing unit means this can be placed on floor space you wish to utilise better, and customers can easily walk around the unit to view a range of product.  An ideal chiller, not only for cheese as you can set the correct temperature required.

This cabinet from Haier Carrier can be built as long as you need, and installation is simple. For more information on this cabinet, speak to Dave or James to enquire further.

soft cheese and deli cabinet display
floor standing cabinet with cheese display in supermarket.
cheese cabinet display in grocery store
Mr Four Square Logo

Haier Carrier for Four Square Onehunga “4.0”store

Haier Carrier Remote Multi-decks, cool rooms and freezer rooms supplied by Inter-Fridge.

Haier Carrier vertical chillers

Beer and Wine Display

Additional Height multi-deck chillers for tall wine bottles. Sturdy cabinets that can handle extra weight and acommodate a range of bottles.

The De Rigo Gem Multi-deck

Read more about the Gem multi-deck and why it’s such a versatile product.

20-Pan Bespoke Gelato case

Browse our range of Gelato cases that are suitable for a range of store types. 

Let’s work together

We supply equipment to supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cafes, takeaways, sushi outlets and more. If you are looking for refrigerated or heated storage or display equipment, Inter-Fridge will have the right products for you.