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Ice-Cream & Gelato freezers

Keep frozen treats such as ice-cream and gelato stored at the right temperature in one of our high-quality commercial ice cream and gelato freezers. From a small countertop scoop ice cream display to a large chest freezer, we have the right solution for your display and storage needs.

A firm favourite for serving ice cream is the UDRS range for scoop ice cream as it provides superb quality and excellent value for money. The units have spacious under-storage capacity and are highly reliable, as all equipment from our trusted brand partner Tefcold is reliable and well built.

Glass canopies can be curved or flat depending on your visual display requirements. These models are fully automatic, with digital controllers, and a solid white exterior and interior which makes them ideal for the display of ice-cream or gelato. The gelato pans are held in frames and usually come with under storage capacity.

The premium Gelato case from Inter-Fridge is a high performance, heavy duty model to hold a large quantity and a range of gelato flavours. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for those large stores that want to create a real showcase with their gelato offering.  All units are designed for easy cleaning, and baskets and dividers are standard. Contact us for more information or to place your order.