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Under-bench fridges

With over 30 years experience supplying commercial refrigerators, Inter-Fridge offers one of New Zealand’s leading ranges of under-bench fridges. Our range includes under bench refrigerators in a wide selection of styles and configurations, with models available to suit any commercial requirement.

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Commercial Under Bench Fridges

With decades of experience working with New Zealand businesses, the team at Interfridge understand the importance of reliable refrigeration in any commercial setting. Whether you are looking for a compact size or a larger capacity under-counter fridge, we have got you covered. Our range includes under counter fridges, which are ideal for smaller spaces, and 2 door under bench commercial fridges that offer a larger storage capacity. All under-bench fridges offered by Inter-Fridge are energy-efficient, durable and easy to maintain, making them a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen, bar or store.

Under Bench Bar Fridges

For businesses looking for a compact fridge for their bar area, our under bench bar fridges are an ideal choice. Our high-quality under bench bar fridges offer convenience and space-saving solutions without compromising on functionality or reliability. If your business requires a higher volume unit, we also supply a full range of larger back bar fridges and coolers, available here.