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Remote Serve-Over display cabinets

Our state of the art serve over display fridge units are an ideal solution for your store or supermarket’s butcher, fish, bakery, cheese and deli sections. Attractively present your product to your customers so they can instantly see your best offers.

Providing design functionality and form, these serve-over chillers are ideal for a range of fresh, packaged and cooked food items.  Viewing by the customer is made easy thanks to the clear glass surrounds, and these cabinets are easy to reload and clean.

Energy efficient self-service models are available for both hot and refrigerated sections, and the units are adaptable to seasonal needs. Our quality range has curved or angled models to fit your store’s floor layout and requirements.

A high-end refrigeration system is paramount in the convenience food and supermarket meat industry. Talk to the team at Inter-Fridge about your requirements and let us help you design the set-up that’s perfect for your store.

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