Bain Marie - Cold - Drop-in


Product Features

The Cold Bain Marie range from Inter-Fridge is a well-structured, solid stainless steel display solution for the presentation of your cold or chilled food. When you need to keep food at the correct temperature for a long period of time, a Bain Marie from Inter-Fridge is a great option.

These drop-in cabinets sit securely on top of your counter with a 680mm stainless steel fixture that is secured under the counter.  The advantage of a drop-in model means you get more capacity than a stand alone bain-marie or a portable model.

Our Bains Marie come with the standard 1/1 gastronorm pans commonly used worldwide.

The temperature range on the cold bain-marie is: +2/+6c adjustable.

These are great for assisted services canteens, buffet restaurants, food halls, hotels, and more. The range of different sizes allow you to create a customized line-up for a consistent, clean looking display.

  • Stainless steel interior/exterior
  • Stainless steel cross-flow refrigerated display well.
  • Suits 1/1 GN pans (number of pans for each model vary).
  • LED lighting to canopy
  • Fixed front double glazed panel
  • Rear sliding acrylic doors
  • Integral condensing unit / auto defrost / self evaporating
  • Electronic controller
  • 220v / 10 amp / 1 phase (The 2100 model is 15 amp)


The 1200 Model suits 3x 1/1 GN pans

The 1800 Model suits 5x 1/1

*The dimensions below includes 680mm appendages below counter-top.

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
C1 M 1200 Cold 1223mm 1200mm 700mm
C1 M 1800 Cold 1223mm 1800mm 700mm
C1 M 2100 Cold 1223mm 2100mm 700mm

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Bain Marie - Cold - Drop-in
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