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Bain Marie – Hot – Drop-in

From $6,800.00

Product Features

The Hot, Drop-In Bain Marie range from Inter-Fridge is another quality display solution for those in the food service and hospitality industry. When you need to keep your food at a consistent temperature, a Bain Marie can be the perfect solution.

The temperature range on the hot bain-marie range is: +30c/+90c

The range of hot bain-marie sit securely fixed on top of a counter or dropped into the counter with a 280mm fixture including appendages ie drain /tap attachments that suspend below the counter, therefore only showing the food display & glass canopy above the counter top.

A wet heat option is more gentle and helps to reduce the risk of drying food out or sticking to the pan – perfect for gravy or sauces. Dry heat warms up faster and is more efficient – particularly useful for mobile caterers and when the food has a fast turnover rate.

This range of Bain Marie from Inter-Fridge includes a 280mm drop in to your counter top including drainage top.

Speak to one of our team today about choosing the right Bain Marie for your business. Our team is knowledgeable and will be able to provide recommendations based on your requirements.


Model: C1 (M) 1200: Fits 3 x 1/1 GN pan system

Model: C1 (M) 1500: Fits 4 x 1/1 GN pan system

Model: C1 (M) 1800: Fits 5 x 1/1 GN pan system (and also is 220v / 15 amp / 1 phase)

Model: C1 (M) 2100: Fits 6 x 1/1 GN pan system (and also is 220v / 20 amp / 1 phase)


  • Stainless steel wet/dry element display well
  • Fits GN pan system (number of pans vary for each size).
  • Canopy mounted hatco glo-ray heating with LED lighting
  • Stainless steel interior / exterior
  • Fixed toughened glass to front and sides
  • Rear sliding acrylic doors
  • Electronic controller


*Dimensions shown in the table below include 280mm appendages below counter top including drainage top.

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
C1 M 1200 900mm 1145mm 690mm $6,800
C1 M 1500 900mm 1475mm 690mm $7,300
C1 M 1800 900mm 1795mm 690mm $8,200
C1 M 2100 900mm 2130mm 690mm $9,100

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Bain Marie – Hot – Drop-in
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