De Rigo Fiji BT/TN Open Freezer/Chiller

From $7,899.00

Product Features

An open-top island plug-in freezer, the De Rigo Fiji is perfect for those impulse sales and promotions.

Switchable dual temperature chiller-freezer, fully automatic operation, static cooling and electric defrost. There are 3 sizes available.

  • Suitable for the display and sale of frozen food and fresh pre-packed products
  • Orientation to impulse sales and promotions
  • Auto defrost
  • Dual temperature
  • Temperature Range BT -18 to -20°C Temperature Range TN 0 to +2°C
  • Integral Cond. Unit
  • Bumpers
  • Mounted on castors
  • Natural refrigerant R290
  • FIJI-BT/TN-O-1500 Capacity 280L
  • FIJI-BT/TN-O-2000 Capacity 380L
  • FIJI-BT/TN-O-2500 Capacity 450L
  • 220v / 10 amp / single phase

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
FIJI-BT/TN-O-1500 910mm 1500mm 1005mm $7,899
FIJI-BT/TN-O-2000 910mm 2000mm 1005mm $8,999
FIJI-BT/TN-O-2500 910mm 2500mm 1005mm $9,999

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De Rigo Fiji BT/TN Open Freezer/Chiller
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