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Fri-Jado MD Curved profile cases (Premium)

From $13,655.00

Product Features

A great solution for a small store to a large supermarket, the premium Fri-Jado MD premium curved profile heated display unit keeps your food warm at a consistent temperature.

The angled shelving allows and clear glass end walls allow for an obstructed view of your product from all angles.

  • Innovative internal airflow technology
  • Unique air-curtain
  • All units single phase.
  • MD-4 100 and MD-4 120 available in 3 phase (recommended)
  • Castors fitted
  • 3 tiers of angled shelving
  • Panoramic glass ends
  • Digital thermometer
  • Pre-set thermostat
  • Top external light canopy
  • Front bumpers protection
  • Internal canopy lighting
  • 220v / 20 amp / single phase

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
MD-4-120 1912mm 1200mm 946mm $19,972
MD-4-100 1912mm 1000mm 946mm $17,751
MD-4-60 1912mm 600mm 946mm $13,655

Measures and Content
Design and Material
Cooling and Functions
Power and Consumption

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Fri-Jado MD Curved profile cases (Premium)
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