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Gelato Display Freezer MX range

From $22,500.00

Product Features

The perfect gelato display case with an inclined angle display.  A square and curved profile available.  High end design with a professional finish.

Power requirements 10,15,or 20amp depending on size

Can hold 16 to 24 5lt pans.

  • supplied with s/s 5Lt pans
  • single glazed heated glass for reduced condensation
  • rear sliding plexi-glass doors
  • castors
  • shown in standard silver finish – other colours to order (POA).
  • Temp range -14 to -22c adjustable
  • square or curved glass profile

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
MX16-G 16 pan 1251mm 1550mm 1088mm $22,500
MX18-G 18 pan 1251mm 1740mm 1088mm $24,500
MX20-G 20 pan 1251mm 1950mm 1088mm $26,250
MX24-G 24 pan 1251mm 2300mm 1088mm $28,500
MX16-GS 1251mm 1555mm 1088 $23,500
MX18-GS 1251mm 1740mm 1088 $25,500
MX20-GS 1251mm 1950mm 1088 $27,250
MX24-GS 1251mm 2300mm 1088mm $29,500

Measures and Content
Design and Material
Cooling and Functions
Power and Consumption

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Gelato Display Freezer MX range
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