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Inter-Fridge Gelato Display

From $16,759.00

Product Features

A heavy-duty, high-end freezer for the sale and display of Gelato. This piece of equipment is great for those larger, bespoke stores that want to showcase their gelato offering.

the double row of pans means you can stock a larger range of product that equals more choice for your customers.

  • A high-end product, great for bespoke stores
  • Heavy-Duty performance
  • Double Row for more product display
  • Choice of colour finish
  • Curved or straight glass canopy
  • Internal lighting
  • Passive ventilated refrigeration
  • Automatic Refrigeration system
  • Adjustable temperature range -12 to -22°C
  • KI-GD-12,16,18 models are all 10 amp/220v/single phase
  • KI-GD20,24 models are 15 amp/220v/ single phase

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
KI-GD-12 1330mm 1300mm 1070mm $16,759
KI-GD-16 1330mm 1650mm 1070mm $19,899
KI-GD-18 1330mm 1800mm 1070mm $21,959
KI-GD-20 1330mm 2000mm 1070mm $23,059
KI-GD-24 1330mm 2350mm 1070mm $25,099

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Inter-Fridge Gelato Display
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