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Kastel Ice storage bins ST C range

From $11,459.00

Product Features

The Kastel range of storage bins are entirely stainless steel for additional hygiene measures and efficiency. Their high-density polyurethane foam-based insulation system provides excellent insulation for better ice durability.

Our range of ice storage bins is perfect for those businesses producing a large quantity of ice. Our storage bins are compatible with modular ice makers in our range. Your choice will depend on the dimensions of your ice maker, the production capacity and your daily quantity requirements.

By having a storage solution, you can avoid space problems and food wastage.

  • Compatible with modular ice makers
  • Avoids space problems
  • Stainless steel
  • Excellent temperature insulation for better ice durability
  • Available with a top closing panel

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
ST C 50 1195mm 788mm 1016mm $11,459
ST C 300 1905mm 788mm 1220mm $17,059
ST C 600 1905mm 1524mm 1220mm $18,859
ST C 1000 2464mm 1524mm 1220mm $22,659

There’s no available information at the moment.

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Kastel Ice storage bins ST C range
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