Tefcold Full Height Multi-deck- Pearl Range


Product Features

  • Standout features for concept building
  • Practical design for simple installation and maintenance
  • Reduces energy consumption with higher evaporation temperature
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Ideal for a wide variety of food presentations, including Deli, Packed Meat, Fruit & Vegetable
  • Designed for modular configurations – island configurations possible.
  • Retrofit solutions for new energy efficiency requirements
  • Low operating costs
  • Available with double or single glazed, hinged or sliding glass door options
  • Shelving options to suit your product type


  • Run cabinets and End cabinets available.
  • 2 Heights – 2050mm and 2200mm
  • Run cabinets sizes (mm): 1250 / 1875/ 2500 / 3750.
  • End cabinets sizes (mm): 1660 / 1875 / 2136
  • Depth (mm):  850 / 950 / 1090
  • Doors – Double or Single glazed / Hinged or Sliding

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
Pearl 850-1 2050mm 1250mm 850mm POA
Pearl 850-2 2050mm 1875mm 850mm POA
Pearl 850-3 2050mm 2500mm 850mm POA
Pearl 850-4 2050mm 3750mm 850mm POA
Pearl 950-1 2050mm 1250mm 950mm POA
Pearl 950-2 2050mm 1875mm 950mm POA
Pearl 950-3 2050mm 2500mm 950mm POA
Pearl 950-4 2050mm 3750mm 950mm POA
Pearl 1090-1 2050mm 1250mm 1090mm POA
Pearl 1090-2 2050mm 1875mm 1090mm POA
Pearl 1090-3 2050mm 2500mm 1090mm POA
Pearl 1090-4 2050mm 3750mm 1090mm POA

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Tefcold Full Height Multi-deck- Pearl Range
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