Tefcold Open front Multi-deck – Callisto Chilled CO range

From $11,699.00

Product Features

Our Tefcold Open front Multi-deck, part of the Callisto Chilled CO range is open fronted with a low front, sleek canopy design to help proudly showcase all your chilled items on display. This product is also suitable for displaying fresh meat.

The open fronted design benefits from base plus 5 shelves,  allowing other cases in the range to be multiplexed for that continuous uninterrupted line up.

  • Ideal for Packed Meat & Fish, Dairy, Milk & Cheese, Food to go, Ready Meals, Sausages & Salami
  • Chilled Snacks, sandwiches, Produce, Beer, Wine & Chilled Drinks
  • Natural refrigerant R290
  • Temp class 3M1
  • Base plus 5 shelves including ticket strip and acrylic front riser
  • LED canopy lighting
  • High-efficiency EC fans
  • Electronic controller
  • Night blind
  • Easy service access to refrigeration system
  • Multiplexing kit
  • Grey interior and exterior
  • All models are 220v / single phase.  CO125 and CO1875 are 10amp, CO2500 is 15amp.

Additional Accessories available:

  • Multiplexing
  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Night Blinds
  • Doors available – Sliding or Hinged


Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
CO125 2074mm 1250mm 830mm $11,699
CO1875 2074mm 1875mm 830mm $15,259
CO2500 2074mm 2500mm 830mm $18,359

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Tefcold Open front Multi-deck – Callisto Chilled CO range
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