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Vento Multideck Fridge


Product Features

  • Completely flexible, connectable, plug-in shelf units
  • Hermetically sealed refrigeration system
    with environmentally friendly refrigerants in small quantities
  • No refrigerant leakage thanks to full integration
    of all required refrigeration components into the shelf units
  • Fast setup thanks to “Plug & Chill” technology –
    no substantial installation work required
  • Optimized space utilization thanks to the standard footprint
  • Total freedom of layout in the store as well as simple repositioning and system expansion – even in existing stores
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • (Vento 1880) Internal Shelf depth options:
    1060mm deep cabinet = 600mm deep shelf
  • (Vento 2500) Internal Shelf depth options:
    1160mm deep cabinet = 700mm deep shelf
  • (Vento 2500) Internal Shelf depth options:
    1260mm deep cabinet = 800mm deep shelf

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
Vento 1880 2110mm & 2310mm 1880mm 1060mm,1160mm & 1260mm POA
Vento 2500 2110mm & 2310mm 2500mm 1060mm,1160mm & 1260mm POA
Vento 3750 2110mm & 2310mm 3750mm 1060mm,1160mm & 1260mm POA

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Vento Multideck Fridge
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