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Haier Carrier Multideck – Mendos


Product Features

Great for stores with various layouts as this Mendos multideck from Haier Carrier can come with various depths of 750/850 or 1050mm, as well as 2m or 2.2m high.

Suitable for storage of various daily products.

The Mendos can already be found in many supermarkets throughout NZ.

  • low front design for bigger display area
  • energy efficient
  • temp range -2 to 2C adjustable

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Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
EU125A 2000mm 1250mm 855mm POA
EU188A 2000mm 1875mm 855mm POA
EU250A 2000mm 2500mm 855mm POA
EU375A 2000mm 3750mm 855mm POA
LU125A 2000mm 1250mm 1055mm POA
LU188A 2000mm 1875mm 1055mm POA
LU375A 2000mm 3750mm 1055mm POA
LU250A 2000mm 2500mm 1055mm POA

There’s no available information at the moment.

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Haier Carrier Multideck – Mendos
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