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Kastel Under Counter Ice Makers KP range

From $3,999.00

Product Features

A solid ice cube maker, the KP range is great for hotels, restaurants and bars when you need efficiency in a reduced space. A sufficient quantity of ice cubes can be produced in a 24hr cycle depending on model type.

A high density, full ice cube is produced suitable for drinks. All models can produce ice even at room temperature of 43C and water temperature of 32C.

The 45/15 model can produce 45kg / Up to 2500 cubes in a 24h period, with a storage capacity of 15kg (approx 833 cubes) (tech specs below refer to this model).

  • Cube ice maker 18gr
  • Frontal air circulation
  • Suitable for reduced spaces
  • Easy maintenance
  • Stainless steel body
  • 230V / 50Hz


  • KP37/15: 37kg/24hrs, 15kg storage
  • KP 45/15: 45kg/24hrs, 15kg storage
  • KP50/25: 50kg/24hrs, 25kg storage

Additional Information

Product Model Height Width Depth Price
KP 37/15 685mm 500mm 585mm $3,999
KP 45/15 685mm 500mm 585mm $4,599
KP 50/25 795mm 500mm 585mm $5,399

Measures and Content
Gross / Net Weight53.5 / 46 kg
Design and Material
Cooling and Functions
Type of ControllerMechanical
Type of CoolingAir and water
RefrigerantR452 A
Power and Consumption
Voltage / Frequency230/50 V/Hz

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Kastel Under Counter Ice Makers KP range
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