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5 Facts You Should Know About Commercial Freezers

If you’re planning to open a restaurant or supermarket, then you’ll definitely need to include a commercial freezer in your budget. It’s a significant investment and lifesaver for many businesses, especially in the hospitality industry. A commercial freezer will help keep your food fresh for a more extended period by stopping the growth of toxic bacteria.

As more businesses are discovering how much commercial freezers benefit their operations, the increased demand has also driven significant market growth. Research shows that the combined freezer-refrigerator market segment revenue amounts to a total of NZD$267.29 million in 2023 and is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 5.08% until 2027. 

However, not all commercial freezers for sale are the same. Some will increase the efficiency of your operations, while some won’t. It’s, therefore, critical to find out more about these freezers before purchasing one. Here are five facts you should know about commercial freezers to help you get started:

  1. They take up significant space

One thing you need to know about commercial freezers is that they take up quite some space. It’s crucial to consider the amount of space you have in your restaurant before purchasing a commercial freezer. You wouldn’t want one that occupies half of your kitchen, leaving no room for movement and food preparations. You’ll also have to leave enough room (about five centimetres) behind your freezer for ventilation to ensure it works properly. A little space may make it overwork and use up more energy.

Consider using upright or cabinet freezers if you have less space. They’re known to take up less space and stock many things. Another option is using low and counter freezers. You can put kitchen appliances like microwaves on top of these freezers or use them for food preparations. A chest freezer is an excellent option for storing large quantities.

2. Some defrost automatically

Another fact you need to know about commercial freezers before purchasing one is that they defrost automatically. When looking up commercial freezers for sale NZ, check if they’re equipped with an auto defrost system that automatically turns off the freezer when there’s too much ice build-up on the evaporator.

However, not all commercial freezers have an automatic defrost system. An excellent example is the chest freezer. It requires you to do it manually when you want it to defrost. Also, it has manual temperature regulators that allow you to set it to whatever temperature you need to keep your stock fresh.

3. They require a condenser unit to function

A complete commercial freezer unit must have a working condenser to maintain optimal temperatures. The condenser is either located at the top or bottom of the freezers. The location of the compressor matters because it determines the durability and functionality of the freezer.

Bottom-mounted condensers are excellent for warmer and busy kitchens because the environment favours them, ensuring they maintain optimal temperatures. They’re also easy to clean, convenient and provide easy access to stored food. However, they’re less durable, and you may incur repair costs from time to time to maintain commercial freezers with these compressors.

On the other hand, top-mounted condensers are durable and don’t require as much maintenance. You can use these freezers even in cold areas because the condenser location allows it to draw warmer air for optimal temperatures. However, they’re more expensive than bottom-mounted condenser freezers.

4. Not all commercial freezers are the same

There are many commercial freezers in the market today, and the numbers are expected to rise in the coming years. However, not all are the same. Freezers differ in size, models, features, and capabilities.

Nowadays, you can purchase almost anything from online stores, including commercial freezers. Typing “commercial freezers for sale near me” on search engines like Google will present you with numerous options. However, remember to choose one with the best features and that’s large enough to cater to your business needs.

5. They consume more energy

Commercial freezers are considerably larger than domestic freezers, with complex features to keep up with high-volume use. They consume more energy and are generally more expensive to run. Therefore, check the unit’s Energy Rating Label to guarantee affordable and reasonable consumption.

You can look for commercial freezers with LED lights. They use less energy, and many businesses use them with motion-activated lights to cut electricity bills.


These facts about commercial freezers are meant to help you choose the best freezer for your business. Look at the various features from top brands to choose the most convenient for your business.

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