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Top 6 Benefits of Commercial Multi-decks

Display space is important for all store owners, regardless of whether you have a large supermarket, or a small convenience store. The goal is still the same – to display your products in the best, most effective way possible.

Commercial refrigerated multi-decks are a great way to do this, and you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of floor space to include one.  Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced temperature control

Some food items need a constant temperature to remain fresh or frozen as intended. Fortunately, with commercial refrigeration options like a multi-deck, the temperature is adjustable according to the needs of your store. Moreover, keeping the temperature consistent may extend the product’s shelf life, leaving products fresher for longer. So, customers have little reason for concern when they make a purchase and you’re not having to turn over stock too often. 

These days, energy efficiency and sustainability are a key part of driving a business decision like purchasing new equipment.  A lot of multi-decks now come equipped with glass doors as standard, or as optional extras. The inclusion of having doors on these cabinets also mean that you can place them in your store where you may not have previously thought possible.

  • Large storage capacity

Having enough storage space is a problem that many in the industry face.  Although it may seem feasible to stuff as many products into one fridge as possible, this won’t be optimal for the cool air circulation they need from the refrigerator. A multi-deck, on the other hand, not only offers a larger storage capacity that’s easy to restock, but it also maximises the airflow with specialised shelving options.

  • High-quality assembly and layout options

Commercial refrigeration, in most instances, involves hardy materials. Hence, a multi-deck delivers great performance, which is what you want when you have a store full of customers. Your refrigerated cabinets are going to be used 24/7 so you need equipment that can handle the load.  The multi-decks we supply are strong, provide high performance, and provide a variety of layout or display options.  If you want a line-up of chilled cabinets that all look the same this is great for store aesthetics. Finding the right cabinet for your store is made easy by talking to one of our team on your requirements. We’ve installed hundreds of multi-decks around NZ for various stores and can provide recommendations.

  • Improved product display

It’s no secret that the more attractive or pleasing a product looks, the better it will sell, and this is where a multi-deck will benefit the seller. The correct glass doors, lighting, and number of shelves in the multi-deck all contribute to a pleasant shopping experience.  

Customers can also find what they want easily. Recently, we installed a chilled multi-deck into a store that was able to accommodate a large quantity of wine bottles.  We all know wine bottles need shelving with adequate height and that each shelf can become quite heavy with the number of bottles. With this in mind, we were able to find the right solution that provided the customer with a multi-deck of increased height shelves, and a larger load carrying capacity than standard. Win-win all around.

  • Easy-to-add branding

A lot of multi-decks can be customised to your store branding. You may be able to add extra shelves, lighting, or signage to increase visibility and in turn, boost sales. Colour choice for the external cabinet is also available for an overall streamlined store.

  • Cleaning is easy

Hygiene is necessary when trading in ingestible products like fresh fruits and vegetables. Germs flourish in areas that aren’t regularly cleaned or in small nooks or crannies that staff don’t clean properly. Fortunately, the multi-deck’s stainless steel and glass promote effortless cleaning to ensure the safety of consumers.

By following our preventative maintenance guide, you’ll be able to protect and increase the efficiency of your cabinets and through regular cleaning the entire process becomes less of a chore.


Commercial multi-decks are a great way to display products in an attractive way. There are a few things you need to consider, such as the type of cooling system and the best location for placement.

If you’re looking for a fridge that offer, increased merchandising capacity, configuration options, and improved energy efficiency, then a commercial multi-deck might be the right choice for your store.

To learn more about our commercial multi-decks and how they can benefit your business, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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