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A Guide to Buying Chest Freezers

If you’re in the food business, freezers and refrigerators are essential for keeping food and consumables fresh and safe for consumption. There are several freezers and chillers for different applications in the food and hospitality industries.

In terms of form factor, there are two primary options when it comes to freezers—upright and chest freezers. Often classified as a commercial freezer, a chest freezer has various business applications. They come in different capacities, designs and functionalities, so finding freezers for sale at places near you or online can be challenging. 

Before rushing to the nearest appliance store or searching for ‘freezers for sale near me’ on your browser, consider reading this article to help kickstart your buying journey. This guide could help you find the ideal cooling appliance for your business.

  1. Determine your capacity requirement

A commercial chest freezer is often used to store perishable items in businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and the like. Before buying, you must consider your business size and the average volume of frozen goods you need to keep.

It’s best to check the freezer’s interior capacity measurement, often listed in cubic feet. The capacity range for commercial chest freezers falls between 3.5 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet. Additionally, ensure compliance with the regulatory rules and requirements of owning and operating commercial refrigerated cabinets.  

2. Check the design and available space

Consider your available space when choosing the ideal chest freezer for your business. Determine where you’re going to put it and ensure ample space for air circulation, especially around the compressor.

Ensuring adequate space between the back section of the freezer and the wall is also ideal if your unit features a swing-type door. More importantly, place the chest freezer in a highly accessible area so you and your staff can easily store or take out items.

Besides varying capacities, commercial chest freezers also come in different types and designs to meet multiple requirements. For instance, some come with wheels/castors at the bottom for easy transfers, and either have solid or stainless steel lids.  Chest freezers with glass sliding lids are also often used to store ice cream in supermarkets and display cases. 

3. Consider your custom requirements

Chest freezers often come in standard features like temperature control, internal lighting, baskets and shelves, robust insulation, and many others. However, some units have special features best suited for specific consumers.

Before picking a chest freezer, it’s crucial to list the most important features based on your business needs. Consider the following units available in our store.

  • Island chest freezers

Besides a large capacity, these cooling units have good organizational features where different frozen products like raw meat, packed foods, farm produce, and ice cream can be displayed.

Island chest freezers also feature a sliding lid, making them a perfect fixture in supermarkets.

Commercial kitchens could also use these units as they can store large volumes of raw food while allowing the staff to access and check available ingredients easily.

  • Worktop chest freezers

Worktop chest freezers are ideal for restaurants because their lids can double as food preparation areas. Instead of glass lids, these units come with food-safe stainless steel covers where food preparation tasks, like pizza or sandwich-making, can be done easily. Some commercial freezers come with accessories like a cutting board, storage hoods, etc.

Besides the list above, appliance stores also carry other chest freezer units with special features discussed in the next section.

4. Check the special features you may need

Businesses often upgrade their equipment to ensure they can meet customer demands more efficiently. As such, modern commercial freezers often have advanced features that aren’t available in outdated units. These advanced features may include the following: 

  • Automatic defrosting

Too much ice can hamper your chest freezers’ performance and efficiency. Thus, it’s essential to defrost regularly to prevent ice from inhibiting the cooling system. Choosing a freezer with an automatic defrosting system prevents you from manually removing ice, allowing you to focus your attention on your business.  

  • Low noise levels   

If you don’t want to get annoyed by the whirring sound of your cooling appliance, choose units with lower decibel levels. Additionally, be mindful of where you’re putting your device, as your kitchen design and layout can affect how noisy your chest freezer will be.

  • Fast freeze

This function works great for preserving foods and restoring their nutritional value. Most chest freezer models have this in manual or automatic modes. 

  • High energy-efficient rating (EER)  

EER is the worldwide standard of measurement for appliances’ power consumption. The higher the rating, the more power efficient the chest freezer is, which could mean savings for your business.


Managing business costs without compromising the product or service can be a tough balancing act, especially for companies in the hospitality and service sectors. Choosing the right pieces of equipment helps improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line. 

We at Inter Fridge understand the importance of providing great customer service. Besides a wide range of commercial freezers and refrigerators, we can help you make the best decision regarding your next chest freezer purchase for your business. Contact us and we’ll gladly assist you.