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Essential Considerations when buying a Display Fridge

According to Statista, in 2021, food and beverage consumers’ spending in New Zealand resulted in a rough estimate of USD$18 million or NZD$30 million. Moreover, it’s expected to increase by more than a million in 2025. Whether you’re a new or seasoned restaurateur, it makes sense to capitalise on what you already have and invest in setting your business up for success. Among these investments you can make is upgrading the way you store and display your food products.    

Besides offering delectable products, you should carefully plan other essential elements of the food business, including your equipment and marketing strategies. Speaking of equipment, your checklist should include a commercial display fridge that keeps your products at the ideal serving temperature while showing off your decadent goodies. 

What to consider when buying a display fridge

Your choice of display fridge varies depending on your business. For example, if you have a café or a pastry shop, the right display fridge counter can make or break your business. Beyond their transparency, display refrigerators for cakes and other food items have different advantages. 

You may also opt for a self-service display fridge where customers can pick up their choice of pastry or any food on display rather than being served by the staff. They merit consideration due to their visual appeal and compactness. Since they’re typically upright, the fridge occupies less room and can easily fit into any area of your shop.

These refrigerators can keep the food inside fresh for a more extended period. Display fridges are made specially to deliver the precise humidity and temperature needed to maintain the quality of any perishable food product. That said, there are display cabinets for hot food as well. 

If these benefits sound convincing enough already, then it’s time to start looking for the right display fridge commercial that matches your needs. Here are some essential considerations for business owners like you when buying or replacing a display fridge: 

  • Available space

The unit’s size is one of the crucial aspects to consider when buying a display fridge. It must be the right size to fit where you want to put it. Display refrigerators are available in a wide range of sizes, whether pop-up or modular. If you don’t have a spacious store, there are smaller display units you can go for, which are also great for impulse purchases.  

If you’re operating a food truck or planning to, as a way of making your restaurant known, a range of counter chillers and inter-fridges can do the job despite their compact sizes. These fridge varieties are perfect for storing and displaying ice creams, beverages and confectionery.

Investing in a food truck is less expensive than opening another store or branch, which requires more capital and longer processing time regarding obtaining permits. In 2018, the Auckland Council Statistics recorded over 400 mobile food vehicles in the city, showing that the food truck business is booming in New Zealand.   

  •  Practical features

Some display refrigerators include extra features that make them user-friendly. For instance, you can get a commercial fridge with a frost-free option, saving you the laborious process of manually defrosting it.

Choose the one that uses the least energy, maintains a low temperature for the longest time, and allows the best airflow. Commercial fridges have a high energy requirement. So, look at the Energy Rating label when selecting one for your food business. The ability to reduce your monthly bills increases with the number of stars it has.   

  • Shelving and display options

When buying display refrigerators, another factor to consider is their shelving options. For instance, floral display refrigerators have movable shelving, whereas cake display refrigerators have tilting shelves. A hexagonal free-standing chiller will be perfect for your cakes and pastries because of its distinctive and eye-catching shape. Shelves in beverage display refrigerators are fixed in place. Depending on your food or product, these chillers and cabinets can come in chilled or ambient models.

Meanwhile, if you plan on putting up a supermarket or big grocery shop, vertical display fridges and multi-deck display units or multi-tier cabinets are versatile and popular because of their generous capacity. This fridge type is also perfect for self-service. You can add doors to some of these, a popular option for sustainability and efficiency these days. Self-service cabinets and fridges are ideal if you want your customers to open and close the doors and grab their food, so your staff can focus on servicing other clients.

Selecting a colourful display fridge is fine, but blending in with the rest of your office’s decor is crucial to avoid looking out of place. Fill your refrigerator with your products regularly to avoid giving the impression that you are only offering your consumers products that are nearing expiration. Restaurants can also go for the Bain-Marie range of display fridges for cold or hot food, allowing for takeaway customers. These can be ‘dropped in’ to your bench or countertop and are great for buffet restaurants, food halls, or assisted service canteens.

Final words

Knowing the nitty-gritty of display fridges and their features can help you make an informed decision when buying one for your store. If you’re stuck on an option or don’t know where to start, contact us today so we can help you choose the right one for your business needs and preferences.

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