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From Bistro to Bakery: Tailoring Food Displays for Business Success

We love our restaurants in New Zealand! And one industry that has experienced remarkable growth in New Zealand is the food and beverage sector, with restaurants, bistros and bakeries dotting the landscape.

But, amidst fierce competition, how can your business stay afloat and ensure its success? The answer lies not only in the quality and taste of the food you offer but also in the art of presentation. Gone are the days when food displays were simply an afterthought. Today, they’re a strategic tool, silently working to capture customer attention, drive sales, communicate your brand identity and, more importantly, create a lasting impression.

How to customise food displays for premium customer engagement.

  1. Highlight signature items

Every business has its signature items that set it apart from others. For us at Inter-Fridge, it’s providing high quality commercial equipment that works for both the supermarket and hospitality industry. 

For a bakery, this may be a specialty bread, decadent pastry or custom-designed cake. Similarly, if you own a bistro, perhaps your most popular dish is a gourmet burger, a renowned seafood platter or a unique fusion entrée.

Crafting dedicated displays specifically for these products can spotlight the essence of your business and draw customers’ interest to what makes you unique. Highlighting these items can pique curiosity and entice customers to explore your menu further, ultimately driving sales and fostering loyalty.

  • Create a visually appealing product arrangement

Just like your packaging should pull customers in, your displays should capture attention in an artful, tasteful manner. Incorporate heights, textures and colours for visual dynamism. Use cake stands, glass domes, woven baskets and wood crates at different levels to add dimension. Intersperse baked goods with props like vines, seasonal flowers, fruits or branches for a touch of nature.

It’s also essential to showcase your beverages in a way that highlights their unique characteristics and flavours. Custom-built or commercial fridges are excellent tools for this purpose, allowing you to maintain optimal temperature and visibility for your drinks.

For wines, arrange bottles by varietal or region, creating visually appealing groupings that tell a story and invite customers to learn more about each selection. Use elegant wine racks, wooden crates or metal shelving to create a stylish backdrop for your bottles, allowing them to shine as the focal point of the display.

A well-organised food and beverage display is essential for creating an inviting and memorable experience for your customers.

  • Provide descriptive labels

Food labelling is a standard rule in New Zealand, aiming to provide consumers with clear and accurate information about the products they purchase. These descriptive labels serve several purposes, including informing consumers about the ingredients used, nutritional content, allergens present and sometimes even details about the product’s origin or production methods. It’s helpful for customers to have access to essential information, even in cases where traditional labelling isn’t feasible.

For example, you can create labels listing names, ingredients, descriptions and prices. Note defining or important features like vegan, gluten-free, locally sourced, hand-decorated, etc. Also, give tempting descriptions that evoke the flavour experience, like warm almond croissants baked in-house or flaky golden brown, dusted with crunchy turbinado sugar. Sounds enticing, right?

  • Incorporate branding

Your business branding should be incorporated throughout all customer touchpoints – including your product presentations. Use branded signs, menus and packaging consistently for a cohesive look. Display custom logos on cookies, cakes, boxes or bags. Unify displays with your brand’s colour scheme and designated fonts. Distinct, memorable branding that carries through all visual aspects helps cement your bistro’s identity and story in customers’ minds.

  • Rotate offerings

As per one research, which surveyed 4000 individuals, Kiwis spend about NZD$114 a week for all dining out and takeaways. That’s nearly the same amount they allocate for their weekly groceries for one person. So why not capitalise on this trend and offer unique and enticing dessert or drink options to attract more customers and increase sales?

Introducing seasonal items, limited-time specials and new creations keep customers coming back to see what’s new.

Limited-edition featured products and monthly specials also capture interest. Make a production out of unveiling your latest unique finds sourced locally from small-batch food artisans and specialty farmers’ markets. The regular rotations spark curiosity and give customers delightful surprises every time they visit.

Over to you

While eye-catching food displays are invaluable for showcasing your products and whetting the appetite, proper storage behind the scenes ensures that your products maintain their flavours, textures and aesthetics.

Our commercial-grade refrigerators, freezers and display cases are designed specifically for the unique needs of bakeries, bistros, restaurants, supermarkets and more.

As you strive to captivate customers with visually appealing food displays, our cutting-edge refrigeration solutions work tirelessly to preserve the integrity of your ingredients and culinary creations.

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