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Under Bench Freezers: A Smart Choice For Commercial Kitchen Design

When you have a bustling commercial kitchen, optimising your kitchen’s layout, features, and equipment is essential to ensure smooth workflow.

During a kitchen upgrade, one key decision you face is which type of freezer to install. After all, behind every fresh product, lies the need for reliable food-storage solutions.

Enter under-bench or undercounter freezers—compact yet powerful equipment. Compared to upright units, under-bench freezers have more compelling benefits that make them a smarter choice. Here are some of them.

  • Space-saving where every square foot matters

Commercial kitchens are busy environments and every square foot counts. You want to maximise space without compromising functionality.

One way to maximise space is by utilising undercounter freezers. These compact units are clear valuable floor areas for you, your staff, and the other equipment. They can leave sightlines unobstructed and keep the operations flowing smoothly, especially at peak hours.

  • Efficient workflows

Strategically installing under-bench freezers near ingredient prep areas improves workflow efficiency. For example, having a meat prep counter on top of the under-bench freezer specifically for meat is a game changer. Rather than taking 15 steps to the large freezer at the back you can simply retrieve the ingredients at arm’s length. This lessens unproductive walks back and forth and collisions with other staff.

  • Flexibility in temperature settings to match diverse storage needs

Today’s commercial kitchens face the challenge of preserving a wide variety of ingredients and prepared items, and under-bench freezers can bridge that gap.

Some under-bench freezers have adjustable thermostats to suit the needs of the items being stored at any given time. There are also dual-temperature models, which allow for the storage of two groups of items in separate compartments with varying temperatures. For example, ice cream and frozen desserts can be stored at −15°C, while the croissants can stay in another compartment at −18°C.

Precise storage temperatures ensure that items remain optimal for serving, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with every bite.

  • Durability and reliability in a demanding environment

The nonstop activities in your kitchen can inflict wear and tear on your equipment. But quality under-bench freezers are crafted to withstand this workload. They feature sturdy stainless-steel exteriors, so they’re resistant to corrosion from spills and splatters.

Additionally, spacious interiors utilise restaurant-grade components like reinforced shelves, thick insulation, and durable doors that glide open and close smoothly on their own. With these heavy-duty features, you can be confident relying on these storage units year after year.

  • Cost-effective performance over time

Who doesn’t want to reduce their energy consumption?

Well-designed under-bench freezers don’t skimp on advanced features. They consume minimal energy while maintaining strict temperature parameters and quickly recovering after opening. Their smaller carbon footprint requires less intensive HVAC cooling too. Compared to multiple upright freezers, they’re a more affordable option.

Streamline kitchen operations with undercounter freezers

If you’re looking to upgrade your old freezers, take a fresh look at under-bench models. They check off the storage capacity, durability, accessibility, and efficiency that thriving food and beverage businesses require.

If you’re ready to invest in new undercounter freezers, visit We’ll help you compare capacities, dimensions, temperatures, and additional features between models. At Inter-Fridge, you can trust that you’re getting top-quality equipment.