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Perfect-fit cabinets for Pak’n’Save Hastings

PAK’nSAVE Hastings was first opened as Write Price in the Westend shopping centre with just 24 staff in 1983 and has dominated the Hawke’s Bay grocery trade ever since. Stuart Marr formerly owned it, and David Smith accepted the position of store manager on the understanding that he would one day buy into the business.

David and wife Pam took full ownership in 1992 and continued to trade as Write Price until November 2002, when after 27 months of significant alterations that doubled the size of the store, it was re-branded as PAK’nSAVE, becoming a part of Foodstuffs group.

Today, the store is owned by Mr Brendon Smith, David and Pam’s son and there is more than 300 full-time and part-time staff employed locally, looking after over 30,000 customers every week. Over the years, the growth hasn’t been tied only to the numbers.

In today’s age of business complexity, the Foodstuffs leadership is working closely with store owners to deliver a customised shopping experience; both efforts are increasing brand loyalty and heighten the customer lifetime value.

According to a study by Accenture, “75 percent of customers are more likely to buy from a retailer that is more personal” – either recognising them by name or providing relevant recommendations based on past purchases. The customer’s feedback, provided on the store’s website, serves as a testimony to Smith’s efforts, whether it’s staff praise or unbelievable supermarket produce deals which provide many families in the area with a feeling of relief during their weekly grocery shopping.

The Pak’n’Save team’s vast experience and sales monitoring concerning the distribution of the product, allows them to define the consumers’ behaviour. The result is visible by their efforts of giving out relevant information about the product and its presentation into the store.

Therefore, 2017 mark was the year of the store refurbishment projects. 

The update of the refrigeration cabinets owners entrusted to the well-known name from previous projects – the Inter-Fridge Ltd. The project included a supply of the brand-new Haier Carrier refrigeration equipment, consisting of a multi-glass door freezer, multi-tier cabinet, deli serve-over cabinets and a hot food section to the deli area. The products supplied by Inter-Fridge are eco-friendly equipment, well suited for branding, with high-quality stainless-steel interior/exteriors, and featuring easy maintenance.

Still, what makes above-listed products and Inter-Fridge different to the similar products and companies in the NZ market?

The company’s description also hints an answer to the above question. Haier Carrier brand is a result of a joint venture between the Haier Group and Carrier, now known as Haier Group Corporation, a Chinese multinational collective of consumer electronics, and home appliances company headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong province, China.

The Haier Carrier product is manufactured on a large scale, therefore very affordable, by a well-established equipment manufacturer of which Inter-Fridge is a sole distributor for New Zealand.

The price-factor importance had a significant impact on the decision-making process. However, adding personal care, which the Inter-Fridge can provide as a small, family-owned business which has a Hawkes Bay native within the team, Mr David Bateman in a role of a project manager, it is more evident why did the owner/operator chose Inter-Fridge for their project –

Inter-Fridge provides a customised experience, offering the client – the same service and value which the client proudly delivers to its customers – a personal service, expertise and value. So, like in any successful business relationship – it’s all about the perfect fit.