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The Gastronorm range from Inter-Fridge

In a bustling commercial kitchen, having efficient storage and prep equipment is essential for smooth operations. Statista reports that refrigeration, including the purchase, transport, repair, and other aspects, has a value of nearly NZD$ 37.8 million in New Zealand. The statistical study shows that refrigeration is a significant investment. Still, it’s recommended for commercial kitchens to opt for high-quality kitchen products to preserve and maintain fresh produce and improve one’s bottom line. So, here is where Inter-Fridge steps in. 

Among their extensive offerings, the standout product line deserving of particular focus is the Gastronorm range. It truly epitomizes the partnership between advanced technology and culinary convenience. Inter-Fridge offers a diverse range of Gastronorm-compatible products, including storage fridges and freezers, prep benches, and blast chillers/freezers. 

With options designed to optimize space, enhance food safety, and streamline workflow, Inter-Fridge’s Gastronorm range is a reliable choice for professional kitchens. Continue reading here to learn about its incredible features and how your business could benefit from it:

  • Storage fridges and freezers

When it comes to storing perishable items, Inter-Fridge provides storage fridges and freezers available in both vertical (upright) and horizontal configurations. This flexibility allows you to choose the ideal option based on your kitchen’s storage requirements and available floor space. According to a resource, the food and beverage manufacturing industry in New Zealand had a total production value of about NZD$ 30 billion. This data highlights the significance of efficient storage solutions, such as the Gastronorm Range, for businesses in the food industry. Whether you need a compact upright fridge or a spacious horizontal freezer, Inter-Fridge has the perfect solution for your needs.

  • Prep benches

Inter-Fridge offers prep benches that are primarily constructed from stainless steel. The grade of stainless steel can vary, with 304 grade being the higher grade and 210 grade serving as a value range option. This range of options ensures that you can select a prep bench that fits both your budget and your kitchen’s specific requirements. Combining storage and prep functionality in one unit, these benches make it convenient for kitchen staff to store and access food items, allowing for seamless workflow and efficient food preparation.

One example of premium quality prep fridge and storage solutions Inter-Fridge offers is the Tefcold CK Gastro range. These fridges are crafted with precision using higher-grade stainless steel, contributing to their added strength, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal. They’re also designed for optimal temperature control, allowing you to maintain consistent and safe storage conditions for your perishable ingredients.

Another set of prep fridges worth checking out is the Tefcold GC Gastro Range, a reliable and cost-effective solution for commercial kitchens, offering excellent performance at a competitive price point. While it has a slightly lower grade of stainless steel compared to its premium counterpart (the CK range), it still delivers durability and functionality that meet the needs of busy kitchens.

  • Sandwich or pizza prep counters

For businesses specializing in sandwiches or pizzas, Inter-Fridge provides sandwich or pizza prep counters that feature Gastronorm pans on the top of the bench. This design allows for easy reach and quick service, ensuring that your ingredients are readily accessible during the preparation process. With the pans integrated into the prep counter, you can efficiently organize your toppings and maintain a streamlined workflow.

  • Freezers

Inter-Fridge’s Gastronorm range includes freezers that share the same qualities as the fridges. These are designed with efficiency and reliability in mind, ensuring optimal storage conditions for frozen items. Whether you need a compact freezer for a small kitchen or a larger one for high-volume storage, Inter-Fridge has the option to suit your specific needs.

  • Blast chillers/freezers

When rapid freezing or chilling is required, Inter-Fridge offers blast chillers/freezers that are compact in size and highly efficient. These units are designed to expedite the food storage process, allowing you to cool or freeze items quickly while maintaining their quality and freshness. The Gastronorm compatibility ensures seamless integration with other containers and pans, making the blast chilling/freezing process even more efficient.

Elevating kitchen efficiency with the Gastronorm range

The ability to prepare, cook, and serve high-quality food promptly can significantly impact your establishment’s reputation and profitability. Moreover, your business will meet all the criteria for the Food Standards Australia & New Zealand regarding your premises. The Gastronorm range by Inter-Fridge gives you an advantage beyond simple food storage—it delivers efficiency on a plate.

Here is how the range helps:

  • Streamlines workflows 
  • Reduces unnecessary movements in the kitchen
  • It saves precious preparation time

Enhancing operational efficiency gives your team more time to focus on what they do best—crafting delicious, memorable meals for your patrons.

The bottom line

Inter-Fridge’s Gastronorm range provides reliable and efficient solutions for commercial kitchens. With a variety of options available, including vertical and horizontal storage units, stainless steel prep benches, and specialized sandwich or pizza prep counters, Inter-Fridge caters to diverse needs. The Gastronorm compatibility allows for seamless organization and access to food items, enhancing workflow and efficiency.

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